Announcing TIPIN Quests on Layer3 w/ React & DIMO

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2 min readFeb 6, 2023

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Layer3 to introduce web3 users to the exciting frontier of token-incentivized physical infrastructure networks (TIPIN).

Just as web3 shifts the foundations of the internet by giving ownership to users, TIPIN will do the same for the physical networks that power our world, like energy, telecom, & mobility.

Energy is evolving.

Yesterday’s energy system was one-dimensional, like the telegram. Power is generated on one side, and consumed on the other.

Things are changing.

On the supply side, renewables make up a majority of new generation capacity. These resources are intermittent, meaning they are not continuously available due to uncontrollable external factors needed to produce energy, like the weather. On the demand side, we are electrifying massive new end markets like transportation.

These evolutions are great for reducing emissions, but increasingly contribute to the instability of the energy system.

To solve this problem, our energy system must evolve to more closely resemble the internet. Instead of one-way flows, every connected building has a role to play. Just as computers upload and download data packets, each connected node on the grid will soon begin uploading and downloading electrons, creating a two-dimensional energy system where everyone becomes an active participant. Generating, storing, and consuming energy will become more intelligent and localized.

This new paradigm offers us cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient energy that is less reliant on centralized infrastructure and institutions. But we need to build the digital infrastructure necessary to power this decentralized energy system.

That’s what we are working on at React- building digital infrastructure to turn buildings into intelligent nodes in the energy network. React leverages token incentives to catalyze the deployment of energy monitors to build a real-time data layer over the grid, as well as rewards users for connecting energy devices such as smart thermostats, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers. Energy market participants like retail electricity providers and virtual power plant operators can build on top of React’s infrastructure to create new resources for the grid.

We’re incredibly excited to partner with Layer3, at the very genesis of our journey, to help guide the web3 community into this decentralized energy future. As quests are completed, Layer3 users will be eligible to earn React points redeemable for our future airdrop, in addition to Layer3 experience points, and commemorative NFTs.

We’re equally excited to kick off Layer3’s entrance into the TIPIN space with DIMO. With the growth of EVs, vehicles are poised to play a significant role in the future of the energy system. Our teams are excited to explore this future together.

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